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User Experience Consultancy

MyUserTest specialises in bespoke, customer-focused remote usability testing.

User testing service

Experienced in website usability testing of e-commerce, corporate, government, charity, finance, education, social, networking, and personal websites. Sectors include Retail, Technology, Engineering, Hospitality, Travel, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Gaming.

Working remotely, we can offer our services globally and with fast turnaround times. All projects are handled with professionalism and confidentiality. Our clients are based in the UK, Europe, America and Asia.

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Why User Test Your Website?

Digital & Marketing Agencies

MyUserTest has partnered with Digital & Marketing Agencies who use our services to add value to their service proposition. A usability report, unbranded or branded as your own service, can be presented to the client to show them current weaknesses and issues in their website, and act as leverage to help sell your own services. Independent, intelligent, and insightful.


Have you seen a fall in sales, abandoned carts, or is google analytics showing you visitors are leaving your site early? Are you getting visitors to your site, but they are just not converting? If so, MyUserTest’s usability review can show your where your clients may be getting stuck. As a business owner you can be far too close to see the real issues, let us help you improve the user experience.

App & Web Designers

Are you a website designer who could benefit from an independent opinion on your design ideas? Are you redesigning your client’s site but need to know the important areas to focus on? A bespoke usability review will show you exactly how their users behave on the website, key information they look for, and how they feel about buying the service or product. Get it right first time.


Prices start from just £50 for a standalone desktop or video review, or for more in-depth testing or ‘mix & match’ pricing please contact us for a quotation.


£ 150
  • Desktop & Mobile Video Review
  • Audit report and recommendations


£ 225
  • Desktop & Mobile Video Review
  • Audit report and recommendations
  • Competitor’s website review


£ 300
  • Desktop & Mobile Video Review
  • Audit report and recommendations
  • Competitor’s website review
  • Content review & proofread (Up to 5k words)

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