I’m Janette, a freelance usability tester. I help website owners improve the user experience of their website by critically analysing the design, layout and navigation and offer logical solutions that will make the customer’s visit more enjoyable and increase conversions. You will get an impartial, honest opinion on its look, feel and usability.

‘MyUsertest’ is the simple, low-cost and effective way to see why customers leave your website.


​I like to visit a site ‘afresh’ to simulate a new user scenario as accurately as possible. I will point out what’s right with it – and more importantly what’s wrong! All the time I record my screen and narrate my thoughts to offer suggestions on how you could improve it, making customers more likely to stay on the site and ultimately make that all important purchase or enquiry.

I have a BSc (Hons) degree, over 10 years’ usability testing and 20 years’ auditing/process improvement experience. I've been fortunate enough to test websites for a wide portfolio of clients, ranging from traditional e-commerce, corporate, b2b, government and charity sectors – from small individual users to large multinational corporations.

My mission is simple; to help website owners make their websites the very best they can be to appeal to their end users. Please contact us today to arrange your usertest!

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